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Monday, January 14, 2008

News Letter January 2008



Volume III Issue I January 2008

Construction of the daycare centre in Amudurasi continued in 2007. Delays were encountered when the first carpenter who had been selected to build the roof failed to be reliable. A second carpenter proved to be no better. The third man did not disappoint and as a result there is a roof over the first classroom and the adjoining room, complete with an extension over the veranda area.

These photos were taken in December, showing the carpenter at work, and then the completed job. Since that time, more sand has been brought in and the mason has done much of the wall plastering.

The school children from the Primary School willingly carried clay for fill for the floors, and once the walls have been plastered, the floor will be cast.
Construction has been affected by increasing costs which have resulted primarily from the increase in world wide oil prices. Domestic electricity costs have also seen large increases in recent months, and these are being passed on.

Cement has been especially affected by these increases. Scheduled electrical outages earlier in the year caused shortages of supply which in turn put upward pressure on prices. The government has implemented a number of measures which are intended to restore reliability to the electrical grid and in the process to the prices and availability of cement.

Directors in Canada

In 2007, Comfort and Rod travelled back to Canada. Over the course of their visit, they were able to meet with most of the directors of the Africa Sankofa Fund. They discussed the current project and explored ideas for future ones.

How You Can Help

There are different ways in which individuals can help. Perhaps the easiest and most effective at this time is with a financial contribution. At this time, contributions are required to enable construction to continue on the remaining two classrooms of the Daycare Centre. Remember - a tax receipt will be issued and your donation will act as a credit against your Canadian Income Tax. Mail your donations to the treasurer as follows:


The legendary Sankofa bird is a powerful symbol for the Akan people of Ghana, West Africa, with its head turned facing backwards, often with an egg in its mouth. The Sankofa bird looks back to where it came from, as it decides the path that it will take in the future. In the same way, past history and traditions must be remembered and respected as plans are made for the future. The Africa Sankofa Fund chose this symbol because it represents the philosophy which will be adopted to turn the charity’s objectives into reality.

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